Lloyds brings Scottish Widows pension information into their online banking platform


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In the recent past pension has become a catch for many employees whether state or private. To ensure that they remain loyal and trusted to their customers, Lloyds brings Scottish Widows pension information into their online banking platform. It is a milestone that many have really welcomed as a good idea.

According to Lloyds bank, this is only a pilot plan and it seems to have achieved its desired target. It is in the wake of gaining an increase in the numbers to 600,000 customers with half being those with a savings plan. According to Robert Cochran, an expert in retirement funds says that this was meant to encourage customers to save for an unforeseen future.

Many workers prefer to see their pension grow as in the case of defined contributions schemes. The Lloyds bank and the Windows Pension introduction has a greater role. That is once one reaches normal age retirement, he prefers to send their money to the bank. Therefore, this integration makes the final stage of pension much easier. Most experts think that this is a move that is likely to change how pension has been done in the past. This was key to the favourite question many people used to ask, how much their pension was going to be. To answer it the bank decided to come up with this new way of having pension money online.

More to the best of the customers is that the bank is considering moving to mobile apps. Mobile is one of the fastest growing technology in the work. In the comfort of your mobile phone one can use the apps to see their pensions. It is something that they are really working on and once done it is going to be a game changer. Thanks to Lloyd’s bank for being among the pioneer, both in innovation, and in security against issues such as pension mis selling.

Despite the earlier way, this new window has seen an integration of 1,000 more customers bringing in new small pensions from other banks to Lloyds bank. To curb the gap of no internet banking to some customers Lloyds bank has encouraged bank employees to integrate the customers’ information into their gadgets and can use them to show the customers their pension anytime anyway.

A project that was launched in January of this year has seen a tremendous increase in the country. The bank explained that there was a need to increase the customer base and they are looking forward to extending it to Zurich. Hoping that the legal framework doesn’t become a hinderance, and that the work plan pension is accepted. This is to be before the Summer of the next year 2019.

The incorporation of the Windows pension is a great idea and is going to change how pension awareness and retirement benefits are important to the customers.

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